5 great British foods we all miss

Our taste buds can trigger memories. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, found a direct link between the region of the brain responsible for taste-memory and the area that encodes the time and place we experienced the taste. When you think of your childhood, do you recall the food you used to it? For some of us, the treats we had as children are no longer on sale. That means the like of Cadbury’s, Walkers and Roundtree are depriving us of our childhood memories. OK, that’s a bit strong, but you get what we mean. Let’s have a look at some of the top treats that are no longer on sale now.

White Maltesers

Mars Corporation’s decision to axe White Maltesers in 2014 hardly sent ripples through the nation, but it was a “difficult decision” according to the firm’s official Facebook page. Fans still leave comments on the page begging for the return of the white chocolate favourites, but if they were as popular as the comments suggest, they wouldn’t have been axed. Mars discontinued White Maltesers because of low sales.

Worcestershire sauce Twiglets

Worcestershire sauce is something you love or hate. Twiglets are also something you love or hate. There’s no middle ground. You’d be in heaven if you loved Worcestershire sauce and Twiglets and you could get them combined in one tasty snack. You used to be able to, and 957 of their most faithful fans are shouting for their return through Facebook. Let’s take a second here to get our senses back, people. We’re talking about a snack that was out 25 years ago. OK, that means it has those childhood memories stored in it for some of us, but it was always a limited edition. Why did you let yourself get addicted to a limited-edition snack? That’s madness. Limited edition snacks are the equivalent of a holiday romance. Enjoy them while they last.

Bernard Matthews Turkey Twizzlers

We know who to blame here. If you need to point fingers at anyone, you can aim them at Bernard himself. You can’t because he passed away in 2010, but the company that bears his name need to take the stick for removing these delights from your life. A dinnertime favourite for kids from the 1990s and 2000s, but when Jamie Oliver launched his campaign to improve kid’s nutrition in 2005, processed foods like the Twizzlers became extinct. Let’s not blame Jamie, though. He didn’t know he denied you your stored-up childhood memories. He thought he was tackling obesity and putting better grub on your plate.

Cadbury Spira

This chocolate bar was delicious, and because the two fingers were hollow, Cadbury wasn’t really giving you much chocolate. It was a halfway house between the refinement of a Flake and the solidity of a Dairy Milk bar. Perhaps that’s why Cadbury decided to axe it in 2005. It was around for just 16 years. That’s no life for a chocolate bar. The Dairy Milk bar’s been around since 1905.

Twist N Squeeze

When the packet says “Artificially Flavoured” you’re not sure whether that’s a warning or a boast. Back in the late 1990s, it was probably something kids were looking for in their cold drinks. These 200ml fruit drinks were popular 30 years ago, but no parent would let their kids get hold of this much junk-food in a bottle today. If you need a trip down memory lane, head to Amazon where you can buy them under the American name Squeeze It.

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