Aldi’s best and worst wines

Whether you’re a cork-sniffing connoisseur or a social drinker, you don’t want to pay more for your wine than you need to. Supermarket wine has a bad reputation, so you might be wondering what you’ll be getting if you shop in one of the lowest-priced supermarkets. To begin with, can you guarantee the wine you come to enjoy will be in stock the following week? For years, Aldi and Lidl seemed to cut corners by stocking whatever they could get for the price they were willing to sell. That doesn’t seem to be the case now.

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When a bottle of wine costs £5, you’re getting 30p of product thanks to the taxes levied on them. That’s a shocking statistic and might explain why cheap wine generally tastes like fruit flavoured vinegar. Duty on a bottle of wine is £2.23. The average cost of packaging is 36p and logistics costs 20p per bottle. When you add in 83p for VAT and a margin of £1.08 for the retailer, you get the 30p left to pay for the product.

The Best White Wines

The Exquisite Collection Limoux Chardonnay. At £10 a bottle, this is a little higher up the chain than a £5 bottle. Even if you don’t usually buy Chardonnay, you should pick up a bottle of this one. The Limoux is the perfect accompaniment for meaty fish like halibut or cod, or shellfish like lobster, shrimp, crab or scallops. Greco di Tufo is another option. A bottle cost £15 in Waitrose. You can get it for a third less at £10 from Aldi without compromising on the floral, summer meadow nose or the white flower, peach and grapefruit flavour.

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The Best Red Wines

For around £15 you can buy a bottle of fruity red wine. The Chateau Grand Pey-Lescours, St Emilion Grand Cru is a bit pricier than other bottles, but if you like a rich, mouth-drying tannic structure, this is the bottle to buy. It’s ideal with beef, lamb or poultry dishes. A bottle of Viña Decana Crianza is another excellent option. It’s described as a “soft, gentle fruit” by the guys who make it, and it’s ideal for any casual meal. It’s well balanced and fruity and suitable with any meat dish. Another tasty red is the Fitou. It’s an earthy and full-flavoured red with hints of raspberries, plums and lavender. The Shiraz Merlot is a South African red Lidl stock. It’s a dark red that’s full-bodied and sweet on the tongue.

The Worst Wines

None of the white wines are terrible, so the only ones we’re going to recommend you stay away from are the reds. Make sure you avoid the Tudor Central Victorian Shiraz. This Australian red is not popular with reviewers. The Original Series Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot from Lidl is another that scores low with experts. The fruit’s not quite ripe enough in Lidl’s wine, so perhaps this is one to buy from another shop.

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