Fabulous and funny aprons for men

If your partner or spouse loves tinkering in the kitchen as much as he does in the garage, then maybe it’s time to seriously take a look at functional aprons for men. In addition to providing protection to clothes from the oily and messy stuff, you can also give them as gifts to show how much you appreciate their work or mess in the kitchen.

Cool aprons you can buy

Aprons for men are nothing completely different from the ones used by women. They are only bigger since men’s sizes are obviously different to those of women. You can also get humorous and colourful ones to brighten the kitchen and the mood of the chef. A few of popular phrases and expressions written on men’s aprons include:

  • ‘Real Men Cook’
  • ‘iCook uEat’
  • ‘Real Men Grill’
  • ‘Danger Man Cooking’
  • ‘If I Don’t Cook Then Who Will’
  • ‘Real Men Don’t Use Recipes’
  • ‘Real Men Do Dishes.’
  • ‘Mr. Good Lookin’ Is Cookin’.’
  • ‘King of the Kitchen’
  • ‘Dad Knows Best But No One Listens.’
  • ‘I Turn Grills On.’
  • ‘Armed and Dangerous’
  • ‘Man Can’t Live By Beer Alone, That’s Why There’s Steaks!’

Buying Tips

Men aprons are easy to buy, but it always helps if you know what you want to narrow down choices. Aprons also come in different styles such as the waist and bib apron. An adjustable tie at the neck makes it easier to put it on and is more comfortable to wear. Tie backs are sometimes cumbersome, but full aprons such as those worn by chefs in restaurants are practical protecting clothes from the mess. Pockets are useful for putting tools, small gadgets, hand towels, watches or timers.

Where to get them

You can get aprons for men in any department store or the kitchen section of the grocery. However, if you need specialised and personalised pieces, there are some sites on the web that can do that for the men in your lives. Zazzle (zazzle.com) makes custom made shirts for men and women including aprons. Prices are from €19.95 to €29.95.

You can also snag some nice men aprons at Café Press (cafepress.com). Browse through thousands of designs or have one custom made for you. Other places where you can get men aprons include Amazon, Cool Aprons, and EBay. John Lewis,The Apron Store as well as other department stores sell cool aprons for men. From funny and retro pieces to plain and colourful aprons, there is a piece that will please all tastes.

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