Cuts of steak rated best to worst

How much do you know about fine cuisine? Probably not that much, but you know a good steak makes a great meal. Most of us know whether we like our steak rare, well done or medium rare but what else do we know about steak? Whether you serve it with chips or salad, whether you fry or grill it, a good steak meal starts with a good cut of steak. There are 11 cuts of steak, but we'll concentrate on the best five. If you're offered anything other than these, turn them away.

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This is the ideal cut of steak for anyone who's not used to eating it as it contains a strip of top loin and a slab of tenderloin. That means it offers a great combination of textures and flavours and an impressively chunky slice of steak. All the flavour's found in the top loin, and the tenderloin has a tender texture. There are a few downsides which is why it's fifth in this list. The first downside is the price, but the major issue is the lack of versatility. Tenderloin on its own can be used in a variety of ways, but the T-bone is just a cut of meat to serve with chips or salad.

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The porterhouse looks like the same cut as the T-bone, but it's a little thicker, and it contains more tenderloin. In America, they take that sort of thing so seriously that the US Government dictate that the tenderloin filet has to measure at least 1.25 inches from the bone to the edge to be sold as a porterhouse. The main reason the porterhouse if ahead of the T-bone on this list is simple – it's bigger.


You might not have heard of this cut because it's not the most popular one, but you'll find it on steakhouse menus. It's criminally underrated as it's packed with flavour and it's tender too. It's also easy to cook with and doesn't take any time to prepare. It's usually cheaper than other cuts, even though it's the third best cut you can get. It's so good that it earned the nickname – the butcher's cut. Perhaps the fact that butchers used to keep it for themselves explains why it's so good and so underrated at the same time.


Tenderloin is second on the list, but there's nothing second best about this cut. It's cut from the short loin of the cow and contains very little connective tissue which explains why it's one of the most tender cuts. It's suitable for all types of cooking, including steak tartare and an Italian appetizer called carpaccio. It's also perfect if fried and served.


You were probably expecting this one to be number one. It's cut from the cow's rib, and it's the most sought-after steak there is. This one has a beefy flavour, and it's incredibly juicy and soft. It's the most tender of all steaks, and a cut can be a lot larger than a tenderloin steak. Of course, it's not enough to order a ribeye. You need to ask for a ribeye Kobe. This beef's cut from a Japanese cow, and it's the tastiest and most tender steak available today.

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