Blue Nun Wine

Blue Nun wine is a German brand which, for the most part of its existence, was the only German wine brand on the market. Since 2001, Blue Nun have introduced several new lines of wine to their collection - including sparkling wine with 22-carat gold flakes, ice wine and Spanish rose. Although a German brand, their wine is widely available in the UK.

Available Lines

Since 2001, Blue Nun have introduced a variety of new wines into their stock. Currently, they sell:

  • White wines;
  • Red wines;
  • Rose wines;
  • Sparkling wines;
  • An alcohol-free range;
  • Finest range;
  • Delicate range.

However, not all wines in these ranges are available in every country. You can visit the Blue Nun site, at bluenunwines.com, and use their contact page to enquire which wines are available to you.

You can purchase wines through their site, but most people buy Blue Nun wines from retailers. Depending on the type of wine you want, you can either buy from super stores (usually their white, red and rose ranges). However, delicate ranges and their finest range, or the most expensive Blue Nun wines, are usually best sought from specialist wine stores.


Blue Nun's target market from their inception was the 1920s London, providing high class wines for wine lovers in the city. Blue Nun boasts an outstanding quality of wine, with eye-catching features (including the finest range of 22-carat gold flakes in their wine) and classic, timeless tastes.

Blue Nun uses a unique processing method for their wines, the Sichel Superior Vinifaction, to ensure the highest quality grapes and used and the most flavoursome tastes are produced.

Where to Buy

You can buy Blue Nun wine from Sainsburys, Tescos, Asda and many large superstores. However, their more luxurious range may only be available in specialist stores. You can use the site, bluenunwines.com, to check whether a certain brand or type is available in your country and where you can purchase it. If all else fails, you can consider importing specialist lines from Germany.

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