Britain's most expensive sausage roll

We've had the most expensive sandwich, the most expensive burger (with meat from cows massaged in Japan, if we remember correctly). Now comes the turn of the very British sausage roll.

It may well be a clever promotional ploy to get a mention in the press, but it's hard to resist a quick mention of London's newest eatery, Hibiscus - headed up by Claude Bosi. Each sausage roll comes in at around £20 - which actually didn't sound that astronomical after the £150 plus burgers that graced our plates. That said. £20 for a bit of pastry and sausage meat does seem somewhat excessive. So how do they do it?

The meat is from acorn-fed pigs courtesy of a man called Jim Ainsworth, ex editor of The Good Food Guide. Top quality puff pastry and an egg glazing is used and the sauce topping off the extravaganza is made of truffle jus, almond oil and balsamic vinegar.

Sounds tastey, but would we pay £20 for one?

(Image from TchmilFan's Flickr stream)

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