Coca-Cola secret formula revealed

You’re not expecting us to list the whole recipe here are you? That’s not really possible because the secret formula is well, secret. But we have some idea of what goes into Coke and we’ll share that with you. The guys at Coca-Cola like to market the recipe as “secret” to add some allure to the product but modern laws mean that everyone knows what ingredients go into the sugary soft drink.



We know from the packaging that fructose corn syrup or sucrose are the main ingredients of the drink. A 500ml bottle will have around 12 teaspoons of sugar. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the other main ingredient would be kola nut extract but none of that is present in the recipe. What you’re tasting when you sip a Coke is a combination of vanilla and cinnamon with traces of orange, lime and lemon. Spices such as nutmeg add a little kick to the drink.


The ingredients listed here weren’t always in the soft drink. Back in the days when Coca-Cola was marketed as a drink with health benefits that worked on the “brand and nerves” coca leaves were part of the recipe. Even more surprisingly, cocaine was used to give the drinker a buzz. In 1903 the guys at Coca-Cola came to their senses and replaced Cocaine with caffeine. At the same time they dropped any claim that the drink had medicinal qualities.


The US government tried to ban the ingredient that makes the drink addictive in 1911. They sued the Coca-Cola Companyusing the Pure Food sand Drugs Act saying that caffeine was harmful. They lost the case of course but the firm eventually reduced the amount of caffeine in their drink.

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