Coca Cola World Cup 2014 special edition interactive mini bottles

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It is a Coca Cola tradition to mark big events with special designed bottles, for the joy of all Coca Cola lovers and collectors. So last week, the American soft drink giant released its new special edition mini-bottle in Brazil, ahead of the World Cup 2014 starting this summer.

The mini-bottles are decorated with designs inspired by the past and future World Cup host countries, so you have one dedicated to Argentina, one to Russia, one to Qatar, and of course one is dedicated to Brazil. The batch includes 18 mini-bottles, so that's quite a lot of countries to collect.

Oops, i almost forgot the most important bit. You know how Coca Cola bottles normally contain Coca Cola? Well, forget about it: these mini-bottles don't. Why? Because the concept behind this special edition batch is, in fact, a total novelty.

The mini bottle contain no soda because they are supposed to contain messages.The message-in-the-bottle idea consists in Coca Cola's fans creating special avatars on the dedicated Facebook page or iPhone and Android apps, and sending each other messages across the world.

The mini-bottles in fact are interactive and, through the use of cameras or smartphone, can activate augmented reality animations for all the Coca Cola fans to enjoy. Just hold them up to the camera and the special markers on each bottles will activate the animation.

The project doesn't stop with the collectable interactive mini-bottles. The special edition batch, in fact, will be backed by print and broadcast ads created by advertising agency J Walter Thompson.

The mini bottles for the moment are only available in Brazil but will be soon distributed worldwide.

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