Five of the best: autumn hot chocolate

When the nights are closing in and the leaves start to drop, what better way to soothe the onset of early winter blues that a cup of liquid heaven. Hot chocolate is experiencing a revival in tea and coffee shops nationwide, so to celebrate its triumphant return, we thought we'd test the best. For scientific and jouralistic purposes alone of course. And here are our top five:

1) Hotel Chocolat's Liquid Chocolat. Mmmmmmmm....

2) Montezuma's drinking chocolate. A relative new entry that's becoming an increasingly popular chocolate choice among the chocelite.

3) Green & Black's Organic Hot Chocolate. We can't get enough of this brand. Solids or liquids.

4) Whittard of Chelsea. Well, we would expect a nice hot choc from the upmarket chain and they don't disappoint with a white version of traditional hot chocolate.

5) Errol Brown. The original Hot Chocolate.

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