Healthy ways to cook fish

When it comes to cooking fish, the golden rule is to prevent it from drying out. This usually means cooking fish quickly over a high heat.

Steaming fish: Steaming usually produces a mild flavoured fish that works well paired with a flavoursome sauce. When steaming fish, use a steamer with enough room for each piece of fish to lie flat and begin checking the fish for doneness after 10 minutes.

Grilling fish: Fish only takes a few minutes to grill, so keep a close eye on it throughout. Place the fish near the edges of the grill (away from the hottest parts) and flip the fish over when you see light grill marks forming.

Poaching fish: Gentle poaching keeps the fish moist and retains its subtle flavours. Cover the fish with chicken or vegetable stock and simmer gently on low heat.

Baking fish: If you want to achieve that satisfying crunch you get from frying fish, try baking instead. Just remember to limit the amount of oil or butter you use to ensure that you don't use an unnecessary amount of fat.

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