Meal Ideas to go with an Herb Dumpling Recipe

For those that are looking to try out new recipes but want to stay within a safe food comfort zone, experimenting with an herb dumpling recipe might be a good small step to take. These dumplings are easy to make and incorporate into your current dishes and give them a bit more flavor.

Dumpling Diversity

First, let's take a look at the main ingredients that go into a basic herb dumpling recipe. Typically there is flour, eggs, various dried herbs (thyme, parsley, oregano, rosemary), baking soda, salt, and butter. There are many variations of the amount of each ingredient that is added, but this is a basic overview. As you can see, unfortunately it is not the healthiest choice of food to add to ones diet, but the taste makes up for it.

One of the great things about these herb dumplings is that they can be added to a wide variety of main dishes that you know are already popular in your household.

For example, for those that are vegetarians, try adding them to a vegetable stew, tomato soup, vegetable casserole, or create a chickpea and herb dumpling soup. This gives the soup a bit more texture and flavor making it more fun to eat for the family.

Meat lovers do not feel excluded. There are great ways to enjoy these dumplings while also getting in the essential protein that you love. Beef, chicken, or pork can be added inside of the dumplings in addition to the herbs. Better yet, add them to your chicken casserole or hearty Irish stew.


It really comes down to experimenting with various recipes that can be found either online, in books, or through friends. See what herb dumpling recipe works or doesn't work for your tastebuds and go from there. Enjoy experimenting with combinations of different herbs and finding new ways to recreate old dishes.

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