How to dice an onion

With a good knife and some practice, you'll be dicing onions like a pro in no time!

  1. Cut the onion in half through the root and peel it
  2. Place the cut side flat on a chopping board with the root pointing away from you
  3. Hold the onion in place with your little finger and thumb, placing your other fingers on top of the onion
  4. Using the fingernail of your middle finger to guide the blade, chop the onion very finely from one end to the other
  5. Move the knife further up the onion with each cut
  6. Stop about 1cm away from the root end
  7. Holding the onion at the root end, make five horizontal cuts from the top of the onion to the root, stopping 1cm away from the root end
  8. Repeated the fine chopping motion using your middle fingernail as a guide
  9. Discard the unchopped root end

Here Gordon Ramsay offers some top advice for chopping an onion without getting teary!

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