How to start teaching your kids how to cook

Cooking isn’t just a practical skill, it can also be a fun activity that your child will take on and develop themselves as they grow. Way too many children are kept out of the kitchen at an early age but giving your little one the basics will help them develop a love for cooking. You might end up with loads of mess to sort out, but you’ll all have fun together.

18 to 36 months

The youngest kids you should introduce to the kitchen are those in the 18 months to 3 years bracket. Of course you’ll need to protect them from the many dangers in the kitchen as they’re prone to grabbing at that age but once the area’s clear of obstructions, get your little ones involved with the cooking by allowing their hands into the mixing bowl. Sprinkling flour is an activity that all kids this age love but you could also get your kid to spoon ingredients into the bowl and then stir them in.

3 to 5 year olds

Those in the next age bracket can really get involved with your baking as these guys can cut ingredients like butter, fruits and mushrooms. Mixing with their hands or with a spoon will help your kid feel like they’re really helping with the cooking, and they can also break up ingredients with a pestle and mortar (we recommend a light wooden one rather than the typical heavy item).

5 to 7 year olds

Cooking with kids of this age is more structured but just as much fun. Never forget that the older kids can do everything that the younger ones are allowed to but little ones in this age bracket can also cut using a small knife or with scissors. You could introduce your child to grating (but keep an eye on this activity just to be sure). Measuring ingredients could also be possible if your child has good maths skills. Whatever the age of your child, prepare the kitchen to make it a safe place before you let them loose.

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