How to test whether poultry is cooked

There are a number of ways of testing whether poultry is cooked, but this method is the easiest and quickest.

The area where the thigh meet the breast is the area that takes longest to cook, so test here and if it's ready, the rest of the bird will be too.

  1. Cut the skin at the point where the breast and thigh join
  2. Skewer the chicken at the thickest point by pushing in the skewer about 4cm
  3. Look at the juices that run out. If they are clear - and not pink - the bird is ready
  4. If the juices are pink, return the bird to the oven and test again in 15 minutes

If you are cooking stuffing, remember to test it too. Simply insert the skewer deep into the stuffing and hold it in place for five seconds. Remove the skewer and touch it. If it's hot to touch then the stuffing is ready.

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