Easy Iftar menu ideas for Ramadan

For many Muslims, the month of fasting has just begun and we’d like to propose easy iftar menu ideas for the Ramadan season. Fasters need something that is nutritionally balanced, tasty and easy to prepare. Fasting need not be a boring affair when you have delicious meals awaiting you to literally break the fast.

Menu planning

Planning meals for the week is easy when you have all sorts of ideas. Inject some variety in your meals so you can have a pleasurable meal alone or to share with family and friends. Here are our favourite dishes as easy Iftar menu ideas for Ramadan:

  • Dates

Fresh or dried dates are popular as an iftar food. It was believed that Mohammad the Prophet broke his fast by eating 3 dates. Today, these fruits can be eaten alone or as part of a salad or dish. Consider preparing stuffed dates filled with toasted almonds or braised chicken with dates and Moroccan spices.

  • Fattoush salad

Fattoush as a dish combines greens and vegetables with cut pieces of Levantine bread (toasted or fried Pita bread pieces). It is light and healthy ideal for iftar. You can add lettuce, tomatoes onions, zucchini, sweet pepper, cucumber and oil. Sumac gives the salad its sour, fresh taste.

  • Snacks

If you don’t fancy a big iftar meal, snacks or bite size portions of dishes can be served at home or amongst friends. Make a platter of treats such as kebab, spring rolls, cheese balls, nan or pita bread, samosas, celery and carrot sticks as well as tomatoes, onions and salad. Alternatively, you can also make a fruit and vegetable platter depending on what is available during the season. Use mangoes, watermelon, cantaloupes, apples, bananas and grapes topped with orange and clementine juice.

  • Main courses

For fasters who prefer to eat a full evening meal, you can choose from a variety of delicious main courses such as salmon steak, grilled tuna, tandoori chicken or lamb accompanied by lentils, rice or baked potatoes.

Changing themes

You can also inject some Mexican flavours and serve cold salad or soups, quesadillas, chicken tacos or burritos. As a main dish you can prepare shrimp and fish burritos or fajitas and fish combos. Whatever suits your fancy, meal preparation iftar meal preparation is not difficult. The beauty of all this is whether you choose to go Italian, Indian, Turkish, Greek or Indonesian, you have a vast choice of iftar menu ideas for Ramadan.

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