Is craft beer better than industrial beer

It might just be a matter of taste but to a lot of beer drinkers, there’s a major difference between drinking craft beer and the industrially produced stuff that lines the shelves in Tesco and Sainsbury’s.


Reasons why craft beer’s best

There are loads of reasons why craft beer is better than the industrial stuff that’s canned and sold for cheap. The first is not a fact at all but an opinion shared by most beer drinkers – craft beer tastes better. When you ignore that “fact” there are plenty of other reasons to stick to craft beer over mass produced stuff.


There’s normally more alcohol in craft beer. Most of them are between 5 to 10% ABV but you can find some that are around the 20% mark. This compares pretty favourably with mass produced nonsense that only offers around 2.5%ABV. You basically buy more water when you purchase from the likes of Miller and Budweiser.

Water and alcohol

As there’s less water in craft beers there are less trips to the toilet during a drinking session. With the sort of mass produced beers we’re looking at, you’ll need to drink around 6 bottles to get the same effect as 2 bottles of craft beers so you’ll be consuming more calories and other junk to get to effect you’re after.

Health benefits

Take note of these health benefits of drinking craft beers. They’re healthier than red wine as they contain more nutrients. Craft beers are packed with fibre, vitamin B and antioxidants. The antioxidant ferulic acid is actually taken more effectively into the body through beer than it is when we eat a tomato.

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