Kitchen Nightmares Closed Restaurants

Kitchen Nightmares is the well known Gordon Ramsey show where he visits various dying restuarants and tries to help save them in one way or another. With the show coming to a close, it is interesting to look back and see how effective Gordon Ramsey really was. Let's take a look at Kitchen Nightmares closed restaurants and open restaurants and see which ones survived.

The List

While Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares here in the UK stopped airing in 2007, Ramsey will be airing 4 episodes that will bring both the UK and the US series to a final close.

When a show like this ends though it is easy to reflect on how long it has been around and what some of the best episodes were that showed horrendous conditions buty seemed amazing once it received an extreme makeover. But at the end of the day, how effective was he? Did these restaurants stand the test of time?

According to Grubstree, in the 7 season US series, "...over 60% of the 77 eateries...have closed." A few of them even closing before the airing of the episode. That actually does not seem too bad of a percentage, but when the whole idea of Kitchen Nightmares is to save the restaurants, it really is not that good.

There are a few though that did benefit from him coming over and helping them in their dire state. Here is a full list of Kitchen Nightmares Closed Restaurants in the US version.

For the UK shows, only one third of these restaurants are open, and most of them under new ownership or a new name. Here is a list of all the episodes and a summary of what happened in each episode as well as a follow up of where they are now.

Entertaining but not Effective

While it does not seem that Ramsey was actually that effective in the long term, it did provide entertainment which has to count for something. He helped with relationships and did what he could, but at the end of the day it is up to the management to take charge and want the restaurant to succed. There were many Kitchen Nightmares Closed Restaurants, but it might be worth a visit to see how the open restaurants are doing.

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