Nigella Lawson reveals she loves cooking as it creates harmony

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Television chef Nigella Lawson revealed in an interview that she uses her cooking to keep the peace at home as she hates conflicts.

The 53 -years old, who divorced art collector Charles Saatchi in July, described herself as "conflict-averse" talking to a journalist on Radio Times.

According to Lawson, cooking at home is so enjoyable because it is able to create "harmony" within families.

When asked about the difference between professional chefs and cooks, Lawson explained: "What I would say and this is not about the food, it is about the personality - is that, as a general rule, chefs are conflict-driven, they are perfectionist, they are risk-takers."

She added: "Whereas home cooks tend to be conflict-averse - well, I am - not necessarily risk-takers, and we seek to use food to bring harmony - for whatever reason."

The interview goes on asking Lawson about her new television show, The Taste, due to start on Channel 4 from January 7: "What I liked, not being terribly confrontational as a person, is that because you taste everything blind, you're never making any judgements on a person and you're just talking about the food."

"So much of reality TV is the theatre of humiliation or in some sense the culture of the breast-heaving back story, so to have a food competition that is actually about the food is ... rather pleasant."

The interview was realised six weeks before allegations of Lawson's drug use emerged in the fraud trial of her former personal assistants, sisters Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo.

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