Recipe: Trifle

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or cooking for your family, this trifle is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. It's simple to make yet looks very sophisticated when layered into individual serving glasses.

Trifle - serves 14

Ingredients for trifle

  • 2 white cake layers, baked and cooled
  • 100g vanilla pudding mix
  • 475ml milk
  • 720g fresh strawberries
  • 55g white sugar
  • 2 bananas
  • 350g fresh blueberries
  • 60ml orange juice
  • 240ml heavy whipping cream
  • 12 maraschino cherries

Instructions for making trifle

  1. Slice the strawberries in half and sprinkle them with sugar
  2. Slice the bananas and toss them in orange juice
  3. Mix the pudding mixture and milk until they are smooth
  4. Cut the cake into small (1 inch) cubes
  5. Use half of the cake cubes to layer the bottom of a glass bowl
  6. Layer half of the strawberries, then half of the blueberries, then half of the bananas
  7. Spread half of the pudding over the fruit
  8. Repeat the layers again in the same order
  9. Whip the cream until stiff and spread over the top of the trifle
  10. Sprinkle with cherries to finish

Tips for making trifle

  • Layer into individual champagne glasses for a sophisticated look
  • Use homemade custard if you have more time

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