Quick recipes for cooking in the dishwasher

Creative cooks are taking a look at some of the other appliances in the kitchen and wondering if they could be employed to cook dinner. With these recipes for cooking in the dishwasher you can use the same machine to prepare the meal and to do all the washing-up afterwards.

The simmer cycle

Cooks looking to be environmentally-friendly and save some money on gas and electric bills at the same time will appreciate the possibilities of cooking tasty dishes while cleaning the breakfast plates. These recipes for cooking in the dishwasher take advantage of the machine's gentle but effective heat.

Fish is an obvious choice for cooking in a dishwasher. Sealed in a bag with some aromatics or spices, it will poach perfectly and gently in a typical 50-minute dishwasher cycle. Salmon is ideal for this treatment, but it works well with any firm-fleshed fish.

Lasagne might seem an ambitious choice for cooking in a dishwasher, but numerous online cookery sites swear by it. Ensure the package is carefully sealed in the aluminium foil (any gaps could be disastrous for dishwasher and dinner alike). A full dishwasher cycle with the drying option should cook a substantial family-sized lasagne. A couple of minutes under a grill will add the browned top if that is required.

If you have sealable jars (jam jars are ideal), rice and couscous dishes can be made on a 50-minute cycle. Pack the jars with the grains and flavoured stock. About 500 ml of stock and 200g of the grains should be enough for four people. Add chopped vegetables for flavour and texture.

Safety first

When considering recipes for cooking in the dishwasher be aware that the temperature will not get any higher than around 75C. While this is the ideal heat for many dishes, particularly fish and vegetables, with thicker cuts of meat, notably chicken and pork, there may be the risk of lingering bacteria.

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