Seattle butcher feeds marijuana to his pigs for 'redder and more savoury' pork

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Some people sing to their plants and blast Mozart at their crops. Others massage their cows and slip beer into their troughs. But Seattle butcher, William von Schneidau has opened up a whole new lifestyle choice for his livestock, feeding marijuana to his exceedingly cheerful pigs.

The open minded owner of BB Ranch doles out the shake (stems, seeds and dusty leaf) to his appropriately named Pot Pigs. Both he and hogs have form in the intoxicant department, with the warm hearted von Schneidau regularly dosing their feed with vodka. But with cannabis effectively legalised in the state of Oregon and medical marijuana freely available to those with a prescription, it seemed he wanted to nip any rowdy singing or domestic violence in the ‘bud’ and move toward a more organic, mellow vibe in the sty.

“We’ve figured out something else new and cool — putting some weed to the feed, if you know what I mean,” the butcher explains in a video promoting ‘Pot Pig Gig’, the world’s first pig and marijuana themed event

No-one has quite worked out just how much THC (the active ingredient) is making it through into their bloodstream or precisely what effects it might be having on the pigs. The shake he’s actually feeding them is already fairly low in THC – the whole project is only financially viable because it is a side product from the fat, glistening buds sold as medical marijuana and would probably be binned or used as compost otherwise.

Ironically, with feed prices rising, pot is actually proving a cheaper filler than most conventional options. Remaining coy on any signs of increased hunger, lethargy, creativity or spiritual equilibrium amongst the hogs, von Schneidau reports butchering meat from the pot pigs that is “redder and more savoury” than anything he has previously seen. Is this yet more evidence that a happy animal is a tasty animal?

“If we had a vet that stepped up to the plate and wanted to check out their joints and mood, and what drugs make pigs happy, that would be great,” von Schneidau says. “But me, I just get out there, and cut them up, and put them on a barbecue, and eat them.”

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