Sushi: slimy and poisenous - but still trendy

Who'd have thought our favourite raw fish snack could be such a troublesome treat. A recent restaurant conference in Tokyo, has found feasting on sushi may be supremely trendy - but could also be potentially dangerous.

Apparently the boom in the raw fish trade in the Western world, has swamped the market with cowboy sushi-chefs, serving the type of codwaffle that'd make an ancient, bearded Japanese sushi master weep into his miso soup.

Not only have Americans insulted the very tenets of Japanese cuisine by inventing the California Roll (stuffed with avocado and tinned tuna), faux sushi-ites both here and Stateside could be unwittingly poisening people too. By serving all manner or raw fish which...shouldn't really be eaten raw.

According to Michelin starred Sushi chef Yoshi Tome "everybody thinks, 'sushi is so expensive - I can buy cheap fish, fresh fish, I can make it at home.' It's not true. Not every fish is suitable to eat raw," (Reuters)

Take salmon - a big no no in the Orient on account of it being packed with parasites. Or certain types of baby crab - which when eaten raw, could have you praying to the porcelain god. In fact the New York sushi trade nearly crumbled recently when a batch of the schtinky critters struck realms of customers down with the squits.

No wonder Japanese politicians were recently considering setting up 'Sushi Police' - to monitor the lawless market. So, if you think you're pretty handy in the kitchen and could knock up a decent platter of sashimi rolls if you wanted. You probably can. But you might just poisen yourself in the process.

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