The best drinks to accompany fish and chips

It’s the great British summer dish, best enjoyed by the seaside, with a briny breeze coming off the sea. There is plenty of debate about the best way to enjoy fish and chips, but one aspect that is often overlooked is the best drink to accompany your meal.

Wine is not an obvious choice to go with fried fish, but it can work. It needs to be bright, acidic and refreshing. A crisp white or a fruity rose might be suitable choices, although bizarrely, a panel of wine experts came to the conclusion that sherry is the best accompaniment to fish and chips. A decent sauvignon blanc seems more suitable. Serve very cold, in plastic tumblers if you happen to be on the beach.

Beer makes a good accompaniment to fish and chips, perhaps because of its natural affinity with batter. Cool lagers or hoppy but light summer ales are excellent choices. Mexican beers with a slice of lime are also a great complement to fried fish and batter.

Soft drinks are a great way of recapturing those childhood summers. Many swear by colas, although those people who grew up in Scotland will insist that Irn Bru, the other Scottish national drink, is the best accompaniment to a fish supper.

Tea is the unavoidable accompaniment to a sit down fish tea in a traditional seaside café, with mushy peas and buttered white bread all part of the intrinsic experience. The tea is served strong with plenty of sugar and works brilliantly with fish.

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