Touch screen restaurant ordering

Surely half the fun of dining out is perusing the menu for an unfeasibly long time while the waiter stands and taps his pen expectantly. Then having ordered, shouting the poor chap back to change idea a few times before finally settling on your 'usual' - because you're just not daring enough to order anything different anyway. Such fun. Alas not for much longer. Introducing the 'e - menu'.

In a very uncovert attempt to bring computer screens into ever more inappropriate places, a Tel Aviv company, Conceptics, have introduced customer controlled touch screens - at restaurant tables. Customers can scroll through any number of tantalising screen images before plumping for that extremely naughty but mouth watering chunk of sticky toffee pudding....because it looks so good on screen.

So far the silly e-ordering fad's confined to far flung corners of the earth. But touch screen food mania screen is en route to Europe too, with some French and Belgium restaurants already test driving packages.

All sound a bit like hellish technology penetrating the boundaries of good taste? Well buckle down. It's about to get worse. Microsoft Surfaces are cooking up whole touch screen dining tables. Thats right, pat your hand playfully on one of these high tech dining surfaces and any number of side vegetable dishes may come flying out of  the kitchen! The software is already being tested in casinos and bars across the US... which means only a matter of time till it washes up on UK shores.

And to think there was a day when we thought Maccy D's drive thru was cutting edge. 

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