Unintentionally funny ads

Adverts are supposed to get your attention and then get their point across. Some of the adverts we’ve seen do that and far far more. Is the advert in our lead image really suggesting you should hire an idiot or is the intention that you hire someone called Richard?


You’re on Coke

The guys at Coca-Cola really messed up when they allowed a print advert to go out. This one said: “You’re on Coke”. It wasn’t supposed to only address cocaine addicts so this was a very unfortunately worded piece of advertising.

Health warning

This US health warning was supposed to grab the attention of drug users but instead it made them laugh: “Police arrested a Kenton man with 90 balloons of heroin – up his butt.” That’s not the funny bit. “Where has your heroin been?” the police end the advert with. Well, do you really think that junkies in need of a hit care where their drugs were stored before they were ready to shoot up?

Sofa King

We’re not sure what to make of this ad for Sofa King. They look like a small independent sofa firm in America somewhere. Perhaps they’re called Sofa King rather than Couch King so they can work this cleverly worded little joke. “Our prices are Sofa King low.” Genius really.

Paradise Valley Resort

If you’ve not heard of Paradise Valley Resort, let us fill you in. This place is basically a nudist retreat. They obviously run the same worded advert all year around and change the headline to match the seasons because around the time of Father’s Day one year they ran an advert that began: “Give your dad what he always wanted.” So far, so good. The next line though is scary: “A weekend for both of you in the nude. We set the mood, you create the romance.” Err, right. Or rather, very wrong.

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