Valentine's Day desserts: Chili Chocolate Mousse

When it comes to chocolate, you know you can't go wrong. Add the chilly, and you're sure to have the best possible combination for a dessert to linger the senses. This recipe, set to spice up your Valentine date, comes straight out of one of the most romantic movies of the last decade...yes, we're talking about Chocolate, of course! Forget Johnny Depp, and wrap your loving partner's heart in an explosion of unexpected taste! Plus, of all the Valentine's Day desserts recipes, this is probably the easiest to make.

Cold, but hotter then hot chocolate!

Ingredients for 2 people:


150 gr dark chocolate

300 ml whipping cream

½ chilly powder


100gr di cioccolato fondente

100ml di panna


icing sugar

2 red chilly peppers

Prepare the mousse by melting the chocolate in a sauce pan with a little water. You may wish to use a microwave instead, or a double pan system. In both cases, you won't need to add the water.

In a bowl, whisk the whipping cream to the right thickness (when pulling the wisk out, it shouldn't leak)

Pour the melted chocolate in with the whipped cream, add the chilly powder and mix all the ingredients well.

Fill two muffin paper cases with the mixture. Put them in the fridge tp chill for two hours.

In the meantime, prepare the ganache sauce: melt the dark chocolate with the cream in a saucepan on medium heat. Set aside to rest.

How to serve:

Empty the muffin cases on two dessert plate. Place chilly peppers on the side. Pour the ganache sauce all over the mousse, to taste, and zig-zag over the chillies to decorate. For a finsihing touch, powder over with icing sugar, using a strainer.

Voila', your Valentine's Day desserts are ready!

An ancient tradition

We're not the only ones to think that chocolate and chili make a perfect Valentine's Day desserts combo...

The combination of cocoa and chili, indeed is very ancient: apparentley, the Aztec were the first to try out this two ingredient combined! Although science has never proved the effectiveness of chocolate as an aphrodisiac, it is a well known fact that it contain phenylethylamine and serotonin, which are both "feel good" chemicals. The chili, on the other hand, makes the body sweat more and the heart beat faster...does it sound familiar to you?!

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