What are chicken nuggets made of?

How much chicken is there in a chicken nugget? Let’s assume there’s more chicken in a chicken nugget than there is ham in a hamburger. Okay, so we’re being a bit silly because hamburgers get their name from term "Hamburg Style Beef", but you get what we mean. Recently McDonald’s opened up their process to the world to dispel negative images attached to the product.


McDonald’s McNuggets

It’s safe to say that stuff like “pink slim” doesn’t make it into the final product but that doesn’t stop the web being full of articles claiming that it does. Stuff like chicken beaks are also off the menu at McDonald’s so you won’t find them in the McNuggets either. All you get in a nugget is chicken.


The chicken is ground into a slurry and then poured into moulds. Making a slurry of the meat means that every scrap of the stuff is used so nothing goes to waste. The guys at McDonald’s have a machine that grinds the chicken and another than pours it into the moulds. It’s just cooked after that everything’s far simpler than you’d imagine. This isn’t KFC so there are no special recipe additions to make the food taste great. Perhaps the simple process explains why McNuggets are a little bland on the whole.

Declining sales

McDonald’s allowed media and the public a look inside their processing plant to help boost sales. In the USA the firm’s fortunes are flagging, and it’s the same around the rest of the world as more people become health conscious, and the market offers healthier foods just as quickly as the folks in fast food places like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC.

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