Why does fruit and veg taste worse nowadays?

Are you one of the growing army of people who truly believe that fresh fruit and veg don’t taste as good as it once did? Today, preservatives and new techniques in production seem to be taking some of the taste away from the fruit and veg we’re constantly told we should consume at least 5 portions of per day.


Five a day

There’s loads of scientific research on the subject of why fruit and veg are less tasty than they were in the past but let’s take one example that's easy for all of us to get a handle on. Tomatoes are consistently less flavoursome today because they ripen more consistently. In the wild, they ripen inconsistently because this allows the fruit a better chance of being eaten by birds and animals which means that the seeds spread further and germinate more. With the sort of genetic farming that goes on nowadays, there’s way more consistency to this process which is great for growers but it has a side effect in that tomatoes are now less nutritious and have less flavour.


To get your head around this idea think about the colours of the tomatoes found in your local supermarket. There are normally two types of tomato. The inconsistently ripening tomato comes in all shades and all textures. It’s less attractive to the eye but it’s more nutritious. The other type is the one that’s prevalent in supermarkets. These toms have a uniform colour and ripen uniformly but they have less nutrition and less taste.


Even flavourless fruit and veg is good for you but the problem’s more indirect. If healthy food is tasteless, your taste buds will scream out for the sorts of fast fatty foods that are bad for us. For this reason alone, check out more expensive organically grown produce or source your fruit and veg from somewhere other than the local supermarket.

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